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Tips from Wella: Prevent Hair Damage

Shirley Gordon Fashion Forward #2 - NAHA 2011
Hair damage begins when the protective lipid layer within the cuticle is exposed to daily external influences. It is hard to determine whether hair is only lacking moisture or actually damaged. Only a professional diagnosis can identify the exact level of damage.

  • Daily combing and stress through sharp brushes and combs. The delicate cuticle layer is stressed and can be torn off.
  • Hair is most sensitive when it is wet. Forcing the comb through hair can tear the hair, overstretch and damage it. Vigorous towel drying can also cause surface damage and breakage.


  • Unprofessional or repeated hair color treatments, bleaches or perms can cause internal damage to the hair structure.
  • UV -rays can penetrate deep into the hair and damage the inner structure.
  • Heat of styling tools contribute to hair damage.

These factors lead to damage of both the inside and outside structures of the hair. In order to restore its resistance and make combing easier, the hair must be repaired, nourished and protected from the outside and inside.

The new REPAIR product line by Wella System Professional includes products to repair and enrich your hair, and prepare it for the summer glow.