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Continuing Education: Shirley at Sassoon Academy

Shirley prides herself in continuing her education!  This provides her with fresh new ideas and allows her to present different techniques to her clients.  Most recently, she participated in a class at the Vidal Sassoon Academy in Santa Barbara.  The class facilitator was Mark Hayes – International Creative Director for Sassoon and one of Shirley’s favorite industry icons.  The class was amazing and Shirley was able to develop new trends based on the foundation of Vidal Sassoon’s iconic Five Point haircut.
Today, this haircut has been transformed into 3 great “Nu-Pop” looks:  Nu-Op, Nu-Scene, and Nu-Psych.  Nu-Op is tight form fitting shapes with defined outlines and beveled edges.  Nu-Scene takes the primary colors of YSL’s Mondrian dress and mixes skinny undercutting with looser shapes.  Nu-Psych makes the sixties hippie look less effective and more youthful and cool.  During the class, Shirley styled the Nu-Op look on her models.