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How to Score a NAHA Nomination

By: Kerri Lee
For BehindTheChair.com

Behind the Chair .comCreating a collection takes time, mad cash, inspiration and proper execution. It’s common  that while in the midst of creating, you might lose sleep, get caught up in the moment or be Winner tempted to scratch the whole thing and start all over. However, just imagine you were creating a collection to submit to NAHA. What would you do? Where would you start? Yes, we thought the same thing, which is why we got Shirley Gordon,  nominated for Hairstylist of the Year, to shed some light on how she scored a NAHA nod.
Hey Shirley, what was your overall inspiration/concept for your nominated collection?
My overall concept was “A Time That Has Yet To Come,” and my thought was “What Will Happen In The Future?” From this thought, my imagination allowed me to create hair styles and choose fashion for a very futuristic look – a Star Trek 2020ish look if you will.

How long did it take you to bring your vision to life?
Once I knew what my concept was, my vision flowed freely and quickly. I was able to determine the looks I wanted to achieve. I chose the hair textures. I created the cuts and contours using imaginary techniques and a lovely range of colors. I finished everything off with futuristic styles.

What products/tools/color did you use?
The colors I used were all from Wella Professional.  I also used hair extensions, wigs and hairpieces (100% Indian, Malaysian and Italian hair), all of which I colored. I also usedSebastian products for finishing, including Hair Shaper Plus, Laminate Drops and Micro Fiber. The tools I used consisted of flat irons, a curling wand, a wave iron, blow dryers and razor for texturizing. 

What do you look for in a model?
I look for someone with personality. I want someone who has strong and/or unique features with the potential to display various moods/looks that will tell the story of the photo.

What do you look for in a photographer?
I look for intense creativity in a photographer. I want someone with a “bring-to-life quality” and one with a strong visionary eye who has an amazing sense of style. I had the distinct pleasure of working with Babak for this and actually used him when I entered (and won) facilisis my NAHA 2008 Texture Collection. He is amazing and talented and exudes all of the qualities I look for in a photographer.

Travel back in time and share with everyone what you were doing and what you experienced when you found out you received the nomination?
I was actually styling a client when the call came from NAHA. When I was told I was nominated in the Texture category, I was thrilled. Then to my amazement, I was told I was also nominated in the Fashion Forward category. So, imagine my level of excitement when I was told that I also made the Hairstylist of the Year category! My level of thrill and excitement was then ten times what it was before. I shared sincere appreciation and thanks with NAHA for the nominations.

If you win, who will be the first person you thank and why?
I put God first in all aspects of my life. He, without a doubt, will be the first I thank. God not only blessed me with my incredible talent, but he blessed me with the opportunity to make others shine and feel good about themselves.

What were you feeling the first time you entered NAHA and why do you think it is important to enter hair competitions like this?
The first as time I entered, my first feeling was WOW, here’s my opportunity. I desired a chance to create styles that would be on national display. Entering any competition presents a chance to enhance your talent, but entering a competition like NAHA presents an opportunity to make your dreams a reality and achieve national acclaim.

What advice can you give someone who hasn’t found the courage within themselves to take a chance and enter NAHA?
I would advise them to remember “practice makes perfect”. Practice creating and styling until you have found your comfort level and all your fears have been eliminated.  Then, go for it!

What five things should everyone do/remember when creating their NAHA collection?
1. Everyone should have vision.
2. Everyone should be fearless.
3. Everyone should tap into their inner most potential to create.
4. Everyone should be confident.
5. Everyone should think they are the winner.

What are your plans for the future?  How do you plan to use this nomination to further your career?
My future plans include, but are not limited to, continuing on with my passion for styling; enhancing my knowledge and Cras skills, learning from the best in the industry, and teaching other aspiring stylists. My nominations for NAHA give me awesome experience to share with others. I will also use these as Magazines measuring tools in determining higher levels of achievement in my career.