Salon Services

Our talented staff of professionals is happy to work with you to achieve your desired fashion look, make recommendations, and show you the latest in style and technology.

Prices may vary depending length of hair, desired objective, hair texture, fullness or condition of hair, etc.


  • Shampoo Blow Dry & Style on Relaxed Hair  $55 and up
  • Treatment $25
  • Retouch Relaxer $95 (includes shampoo & style)
  • Full Relaxer   $110 (includes shampoo & style & trim)
  • Texturizer   $95-$150 and up (includes trim)
  • Anti Curl   $150 and up (includes trim)
  • Body Perm   $95-$150 and up
  • Cut   $95 and up
  • Shape up $75 and up


  • Rinse  $55 an up
  • Semi Permanent Color $75 and up
  • Permanent Color – Single Process  $95 and up
  • Permanent Color – Double Process  $150 and up
  • Highlights $240  and up


  • Straw Set  $50 and up
  • Spiral Set $50 and up
  • Wave Set $50  and up
  • Wet Set $10  and up
  • Wrap Set $10 and up


  • Shampoo Blow Dry & Style on Natural Hair $80 and up
  • Knots $95 and up (includes shampoo)
  • Two Strands Twist & Coils $95 and up (includes shampoo)
  • Lock Maintenance $95 and up (includes shampoo)
  • Starter Locks $135 and up (includes shampoo)
  • Keratin Treatment $450 and up (includes shampoo)
  • Weaves, Lock Extensions, Custom Wigs/Wig Styling – please inquire

PLEASE NOTE: Prices may vary depending on length and texture of hair.

**Strands is also available for special events and weddings on location. Please contact us for more information

Policies & Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

CANCELLATION POLICY: Shirley has a 24-hour cancellation policy.  We ask that you please honor this policy to avoid a $25.00 fee.
LATE POLICY: You have a 15-minute grace period for your scheduled appointment time.  Please try to honor this grace period to avoid a $15.00 late fee.

Is a Shampoo & Style included with a Haircut?
No, all services are priced separately.
What is the cost for a full weave?
You will need to come in for a weave consultation and pricing is discussed at that time.

May I come in any day for a consultation?
Consultations may be scheduled on any day that the salon is open – by appointment only.

Is there a cost for a consultation?
Yes, the consultation fee is $25.00.

What do I do with my hair when I work out?
If hair is long, pull up in a ponytail (loosely pin up) and tie a silk scarf around edges.  If hair is short, tie in a silk scarf.   Be sure to shampoo your hair within that same week using a clarifying shampoo and moisturizing conditioner.

How much do people generally tip the stylist?
Your stylist is generally tipped 15-20% of total service cost.

Can we put the assistant’s tip on our credit card?
No, you may only put the stylist’s tip on your credit card.

Can we charge over on our credit card and get cash back.
No, we are not able to give cash back.